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St Vincent’s Hospital Operating Theatre Refurbishment Lismore

Recently Greg Clark Building were commissioned to refurbish the St Vincent's Hospital operating theatre in Lismore - while the hospital was still fully functional.

image4 image7 image9 image10 image14 image17   The provision of strict dust and noise control was administered and audited by hospital Infection Control Plans and Greg Clark Building staff and...
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5 Reasons to Chose a Certified Building Contractor

When deciding on who should complete you next building or construction project there a number of things to consider. Reviewing portfolios and services offered, reputation and testimonials from architects and clients and the quotes and estimates provided by your potential contractor. There is however an additional box that you should add to your list of essential criteria that can help you make the right decision and easily decipher who will be able to deliver on the promises and offers that will be presented to you. The question you should always be asking - is the company Certified?

What is Certification?

Companies who...
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