5 Reasons to Chose a Certified Building Contractor

5 Reasons to Chose a Certified Building Contractor

When deciding on who should complete you next building or construction project there a number of things to consider. Reviewing portfolios and services offered, reputation and testimonials from architects and clients and the quotes and estimates provided by your potential contractor. There is however an additional box that you should add to your list of essential criteria that can help you make the right decision and easily decipher who will be able to deliver on the promises and offers that will be presented to you. The question you should always be asking – is the company Certified?

What is Certification?

Companies who have achieved certification have gone through a rigorous process of demonstrating to an authorised third party independent body such as Sci-Qual International that their business practises, management systems and check and balances are in line with and adhere to internationally recognised standards and their own stated Policy statements.

What are the advantages of choosing a certified contractor?

1. Peace of mind – choosing a company who has undergone the Certification process gives you reassurance that the company is credible and conducts themselves in a manner which demonstrates they have quality, safety and the environment as priorities. This ultimately leads to a better job and higher levels of satisfaction for you the client.

2. Consistency – In order to remain certified a contractor must be regularly monitored to ensure that these standards are maintained and do not fluctuate unacceptably from project to project, a further protection for you.

3. Reduced costs – Avoid budget blow outs due to avoidable errors and inefficient or unsafe business practises both in administration and on site. This includes areas of Health and Safety and Environment.

4. Prevent rework – By getting your project completed with the highest level of quality eliminates the need for costly unnecessary rework now or into the future.

5. Confidence – When you make your decision to proceed with a project you can do so with confidence and without the niggling doubts that can cause stress and unrest throughout a project. You know you are not just taking a company at their word they have had to prove their worth and capabilities to achieve their rating.

Although here at Greg Clark Building we have had high quality work systems for over a decade including quality assurance and site safety documentation, we recently embarked on full Australian Standards accreditation to secure NSW Government construction projects. The process is arduous and involves auditing from external Safety, Quality and Environmental specialists to ensure every possible T is crossed and I is dotted. We invested in engaging a consultant and set forth on a half year of paperwork and processes to achieve our rating. We are proud to state that we are fully certified for Quality, Safety and Environmental systems to Australian standards 9001, 4801 and 14001. Our systems stood the test of a full blown audit, site checks and records examination. We proudly boast the “three ticks” of certification and are happy that we can now offer this addition level of reassurance to our clients, architects and business partners.

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