Not every builder will be keen to accept the challenges of working on a sloping block. However, houses on sloping blocks enjoy some distinct advantages over those on constructed on level surfaces such as better views, often passive cooling through raised floors and interesting and unique design opportunities.

    Construction costs can be higher, however your initial purchase of the land can be much cheaper than a flat block of similar size. Greg Clark Building has a wealth of experience in construction and renovation of uneven, steep and sloping blocks for all types of buildings and all types of locations from seaside cliffs to remote mountain getaways. See some of our previous unique
    projects on this site. We have over 40 staff building projects in and around Byron Bay and Lismore, Ballina, south to Glenn Innes, Stanthorpe, Tamworth and north to Brisbane and the Gold Coast.


    One visible sign that your building needs underpinning is the appearance of cracks in walls. When a building needs a foundation repair some cracks (especially wider than ¼ inch) appear visible, meaning than an underpinning needs to be done. Foundation failures could also be considered as heaved foundations , cracked or buckled walls and cracked concrete floors that lead to wall damage and roof leaks. Depending on soil structure and the extent of the foundation failure, different methods of underpinning may be employed such as screw piles, pile and beam installation.

    Most important is having the foundation checked as soon as possible by an experienced builder. Some underpinned foundation repairs are completely undetectable, with wall cracks and roof damage returned to good as new condition.


    New requirements for ambulant access, signage and tactile ground surface indicators have been in place now since 2009. These requirements include wheelchair access, sight impaired signage and surface indicator requirements for doors, walkways, ramps and landings from car-parks and kerbs to stairs and elevators, washrooms and toilets. A good working knowledge of all current regulations and standards is vital to avoid building delays and council non-compliance. That expertise is on hand at Greg Clark Building for your construction or renovation project. We have over 40 staff building projects in and around Byron Bay and Lismore, Ballina, south to Glenn Innes, Stanthorpe, Tamworth and north to Brisbane and the Gold Coast.