Is Extending Your Home the Best Option?

Are you already running out of space at home? Or do you just want to expand your personal space? Well, you may have chosen your home not realizing that you need extra space, for whatever reasons you have in mind. So, if you find your home a bit too crowded or cramped already, then you could either sell the house and move elsewhere, or have the house extended. Read on to find out if extending your home is the best option available.

The Upsides of Extending Your Home

One of the best reasons for choosing to extend your home versus moving someplace else, according to contractors and house extension northern rivers experts, is that in general extending your home is a more affordable option than selling and moving elsewhere.

Once you choose to stay put and extend your home, you won’t need to spend for legal fees, moving fees, real estate fees and more. And of course, you won’t need to spend a lot of time having to find someplace else to move, and then physically pack and move your stuff!

When you decide to stay put and extend your home, you get to stay in your neighborhood too, which should be an amazing thing especially if you like the area, and you feel at home there too. Yes, the emotional attachment to your home can be the biggest deciding factor when considering moving or not.

Another truly wonderful thing about staying put, according to home builders and experts on house extension ideas, is that you could stay at home even if the extension project is ongoing. This should help you save money and logistics brought forth by finding someplace else to stay while the home extension is ongoing. And best of all, house extensions can actually add more resell value to your home!

The Downsides of Extending Your Home

While there are the obvious perks to extending your home, there are a handful of downsides too, regardless of whether you’re simply extending your main bedroom or living room, or you’re pondering two storey extensions ideas.

For starters, you may not actually have the room to extend as far as you want, or the existing house design and layout limits your options with regard to extensions. Second, home extension projects can be quite stressful too, because while the work is being carried out, if you’re not prepared for all that noise, dust and workers coming in and out, then a home extension may not be the right one for you!

However, to reduce the stress you can actually ask for help from a professional builder or contractor who has the experience in reducing the impact of the home extension project to you and your family. But then again, it would be totally unrealistic to think that home extensions are not going to be completely stress-free!

Lastly, a home extension does not actually guarantee you of an amazing selling price afterward, especially if the resulting outcome is substandard or less than what you expected. But, if the home extension is well done, and it truly enhances your home’s livability, then your house will definitely have an advantage over the other houses in the market!