Whether your upcoming construction project is residential, commercial, or government-related, choosing the right construction Gold Coast company can be a major decision. The wrong company may lead to delays and unexpected costs. To help you evaluate your options and find the right construction team, here are four things to know when looking at prospective construction companies.

Expertise and Experience

When deciding on which construction Gold Coast company is best for your residential, commercial, or government project, determine how much experience it has. If the company has recently completed a project with similar elements as yours, there’s a strong chance that they can do it again for your project. They understand how to approach the task correctly and address issues that may arise.

Take a closer look at the scope, square footage, and conditions under which your project will occur. Then compare that information with the types of rooms from recent projects, how big those projects were, and whether those projects were in an occupied structure or new build. Past projects can give you a good idea of the company’s expertise.

Bonding, Insurance, and Licensing

Next, as you are looking for a suitable construction Gold Coast, determine whether the construction company is fully licensed to work in your city, town, or state. You can do this by asking the company to provide you with copies of their licenses, industry qualifications, and more. Much of this information may also be available on their website.

Then, find out if the construction company is bonded or not. This specification protects you if the construction Gold Coast company can’t complete the project or finishes it poorly. You also need to ensure that the company has the proper liability insurance, property damage insurance, and worker’s compensation. Ask the company to provide you with insurance certificates or forms.

Check for Customer Testimonials, Reviews, and Feedback

To find the right construction company for your project, find out what the company’s past clients have said about their experiences. Reviews, feedback, and testimonials can give you insights into what it’s like to work with various construction firms.

Look for any mention of the construction firm’s quality, their collaborative approach towards communication, and their willingness to work through various problems that may arise. While it may take some time to find this information, hearing directly from past customers and business partners gives a clear sense of whether you want to work with the company.

Ensure they Will Respect Your Budget

Make sure you choose a construction Gold Coast company that will respect your budget. The company must be committed to working within your budget range while also considering overall value.

When evaluating bids and quotes, look at each of them as holistically as possible. While it may be tempting to pick construction companies that offer the lowest bids, weighing the costs alongside the other items on the list or quote is best.

These tips can help you critically evaluate potential constructions companies for your upcoming project. If you do a little research, you can find a professional company to make your dream a reality.

If you plan to build a new home or commercial building, how do you find the right contractor for your project? Choosing a construction company to design and complete your project can be a life-changing decision. The wrong decision could cost you countless hours fixing the mess and paying more to have work redone. If you’re looking for the best construction Lismore company for your project, here’s a look at why Greg Clark Building is the best in town.

They Have Over 34 Years of Construction Experience

This construction Lismore company has over 34 years of experience in residential and commercial projects. Their projects range from $250,000 to over $30 million.

The construction firm works under an Integrated Management System. They do high-quality work and fully comply with the requirements of the AS/ANZ ISO standards. In addition, Greg Clark Building also complies with the Work Health Safety Act of 2011, the Work Health and Safety Regulation of 2011, and the Environment Protection Act.

They also have quality, safety, and environmental systems. They work with subcontractors in numerous fields of construction to get clients the professionals needed for the project. Greg Clark Building is a family business with a regional hub and has completed various projects from one-off architect-designed housing developments to schools, hospitals, churches, restaurants, shopping centres, hotels, and offices.

They’re a Booming Family Business with Traditional Values

Another amazing thing about this construction Lismore company is that it’s a family business based on ethical and honest trade. They employ over 100 professionals across Regional NSW and South East Queensland GCB.

The managing director Greg Clark has over four decades of construction experience. His company has built and continues to earn a solid reputation for its quality, expertise, ethics, and long-term trade relationships. The company has a successful history of construction projects in Lismore,

Byron Bay, Lennox, Casino, Kyogle, Murwillumbah, Nimbin, Tweed Heads, Gold Coast, and


The talented and passionate staff delivers challenging, interesting, and diverse work. Each member of the team at Greg Clark Building believes in succession management and career progression. The people are the company’s engine. The company carefully utilizes its staff’s experience and skillsets, ensuring that they are the best fit for premium results.

Bringing Professionalism to the Table and Building a Pathway to the Future

This construction Lismore company is committed to bringing professionalism to the table, making them desirable partners for any project. Respect for the environment, collaboration, and open communication allows them to build enduring and sustainable relationships and successful projects.

Greg Clark Building is also committed to understanding their client’s needs and exceeding expectations. It’s how they’ve delivered a diverse range of exceptional construction projects for the private and government sector.

This hardworking construction Lismore company is also equipped to meet the needs and support the vision of communities, private developers, and government agencies. They offer practical problem-solving ideas and solutions.

If you’re searching for the right construction company for your project, work with the skilled and professional team of experts at Greg Clark Building!

If you are looking for home or commercial builders Lismore, you want expert advice and assistance. Professional builders can help you turn your ideas and plans into successful projects. Builders need to have experience designing, planning, and building houses to make these dreams a reality. If you’re looking for the best builders in Lismore, find out why Greg Clark Building is the right choice.

Over 34 Years of Experience

One reason you should consider Greg Clark Building is that they’re a professional construction company that has been in the Far North Coast Region for over 34 years. In that time, they’ve earned a reputation for their high-quality construction work in various industries. They have worked in housing developments, hostels, schools, retirement living buildings, and so much more, working on projects with different needs and price points.

The home and commercial builder also works under an Integrated Management System, which is a part of their success. Their work complies with the legislation requirements of AS/NZ Iso standards, the Work Health and Safety Act of 2011, Work Health & Safety Regulation 2011, and the environmental Protection Act. The company also has quality, safety, and environmental systems that work in combination with associate subcontractors in numerous related construction fields.

Reliable and Trustworthy Service at a Competitive Price

Another reason why Greg Clark Building is hailed as one of the best builders Lismore is that they have a solid reputation for providing quality building projects and reliable services at a competitive price. They bring professionalism to the table each day, making them desirable partners for all types of projects. They value the environment, collaboration, and open communication and build enduring and sustainable relationships with their clients.

They’re hailed as the top builders Lismore too because they are consistent, regardless of the size of the project. They are committed to understanding the needs of clients and exceeding expectations. These cornerstones of the business are how they’ve delivered a wide array of construction projects for both the private and government sector with exceptional results.

Greg Clark Building’s list of services is extensive, from refurbishments to the education, health, and industrial constriction. They also work on office fit-outs, building maintenance, prestige residential, multi-residential buildings, senior living, hotels, clubs, and other conventional home and building repairs.

They have a talented staff of over 100 professionals across Regional Northern New South Wales and South East Queensland GCB. The builders Lismore at Greg Clark Building are inspired by their passion, talent, and capability in all facets of the construction industry.

It can be unusual in the construction sector so many long-term employees. However, Greg Clark Building prides itself on its amazing staff retention. This aspect of the company brings customers the best professionals in the field with valuable experiences under their tool belts. These builders Lismore, continue to work with the company because of the training, respect, appreciation, and recognition, creating a culture of excellence.

Building a home or commercial building can be an amazing endeavour. However, it also comes with its own set of stresses, like overblown budgets and finding the right builders Gold Coast. We’ve compiled a couple of key questions to ask when evaluating potential builders for your next project to make the search easier.

Can You Provide Detailed Specifications and a Written Quote?

Asking about a written quote and detailed specifications can be an excellent place to start when speaking with potential builders Gold Coast. Before you sign a contract and work begins, you need to ensure that the builder can give you a written estimate. The estimate should outline what you’re paying for and how much it will cost.

This question also enables you to ask clarification questions, especially if something is unclear about the plan. Clarifying can mean that the proposal may be rewritten a few times to get all the crucial details right.

What’s the Timeframe? And What’s Done to Ensure It’s Met?

The next thing to ask potential builders Gold Coast is about the timeframe to complete your home or commercial space. You should also enquire about what steps are taken to make sure that the deadline is met. Ensure that the timeline that you’ve been quoted is realistic and honest. Keeping the project on track is one of the best ways of controlling costs.

How Do You Communicate with Clients Throughout the Project?

According to veteran home and commercial builders Gold Coast, the lack of regular and clear communication is one of the most common complaints. To avoid communication issues, check the builder’s references. Look for information about the contractor’s timeliness and responsiveness to concerns. Ask the builder about their preferred method of communication so that it will be easier to get in touch with them.

Is Your Experience Relevant to my Project?

While the home or commercial builder may have a portfolio full of experience, make sure you find out if their experience is relevant to your project. Experience matters, but expertise with projects that are like yours matters more. You’ll want a builder who’s skilled at building the home design or style that you want for your project.

You should also ask the builder how many years they have been building homes or commercial buildings in your city. You want someone who has at least five years of experience in that area so that they can navigate all the required inspections, building codes, and permits.

Do You Have a Reliable and Trustworthy Crew?

In constructing homes and commercial buildings, crews and personnel are the project’s backbone. You want builders who have a track record of instituting a work routine and getting the job done on time and within budget. Also, make sure you work with a builder who has established relationships with tradespeople and subcontractors.

These questions should help you narrow down your choices for the best builders Gold Coast. You can get experienced professionals to make your home or commercial building a reality.

I love home renovation projects to give my space a fresh, new look. Home renovations Lismore don’t just physically upgrade my house, but they also can enhance my quality of life. But a home renovation can be a headache if you don’t choose the right company to complete the work. Whether it’s an old roof, substandard wiring, or cosmetic change, it’s best to plan ahead and consider any potential problems. Here are a couple of considerations to make before starting a home renovation.

Write Everything Down

One of the biggest causes of stress during home renovations Lismore is going over the budget. During a project, you may end up with problems you didn’t expect, and the project may end up costing more than you anticipated. By considering different options and anticipating possible hassles, you can more accurately make a budget.

To make sure you stay within your budget, write everything down and keep all your paperwork together. If something unexpected does happen, you don’t want your warranties to be misplaced. You also don’t want to make simple mistakes like getting the wrong refrigerator or bathtub because you’ve lost the room’s measurements.

It’s Going to Take a Bit Longer Than You Think

Having an idea of a timeline for your home renovations Lismore is a good step before the project begins. However, many projects take longer than anticipated, especially if a holdup or problem occurs. Although home renovations can be disruptive to your life and routine, try and focus on the benefits of the results. Be patient with the process and prepare to adjust your timeline.

Hire One Person to Manage Your Home Renovation

Instead of delegating the various tasks for your home renovations Lismore to different assistants, designers, and project managers, choose one person to manage everyone. The problem is that with too many people in charge, no one will be held fully accountable for the project’s outcome.

To make your renovation project run smoothly and be completed on time, hire one builder to manage the project. They can coordinate all the smaller pieces and will be responsible for how everything turns out.

Allow Yourself to Adjust

Many home renovations projects end with homeowners being instantly amazed by the upgrades or new space. However, not everyone falls in love with their home renovations Lismore immediately. Changes in the home can seem strange, and the carpets, furniture, or other upgrades may seem a little odd at first.

Give yourself some time to make the adjustments as you settle into the space again. Problems should absolutely be addressed, but make sure you give yourself a little time to get used to the new look before stressing about something that just feels different.

While renovating your home’s bathroom is an excellent investment to make, it can be stressful.  Like any renovation project, the most considerable stress is often how the bathroom renovation interrupts your and your family’s routine. Another common concern is the budget for the project. To make bathroom renovations Lismore less stressful and worth the money, contact the renovations experts at Greg Clark Building. Here are some of the reasons they are the best choice for home renovation projects.

34 Years of Building Quality Commercial and Residential Projects

To make sure your bathroom renovations Lismore project gets done on time and within budget, contact Greg Clark Building today. The company is a professional construction company that has been operating in the Far North Coast region for over 34 years.

In their many years of operation, they’ve established a strong reputation as a high-quality builder of commercial and multi-residential projects ranging from $250,000 to over $30 million. The builder works under an Integrated Management System, which provides quality finished products.  They also comply with the requirements of AS/NZS ISO standards, Work Health and Safety Act 2011, Work Health Safety Regulation 2011, and the Environmental Protection Act.

Their projects are renowned throughout Queensland and New South Wales. These projects include housing developments, schools, churches, hospitals, restaurants, shopping centres and malls, hotels, and offices.

Over 100 Professionals Who are Known for Quality and Expertise

How would you feel if your bathroom renovations Lismore were handled by a team of world-class building professionals? Greg Clark Building employs over 100 professionals across Regional Northern New South Wales and South East Queensland.

The team is known for their quality work, expertise, ethics, and long-term relationship building. These qualities explain why they’ve amassed a long and successful history. Some of their construction projects are in places like Lismore, Casino, Byron Bay, Lennox, Kyogle, Murwillumbah, Nimbin, Tweed Heads, the Gold Coast, and Brisbane.

Reputation of Trustworthy Services at Competitive Prices

Greg Clark Building continues to be the most sought-after building company in Regional Northern New South Wales and South East Queensland. They’ve maintained a solid reputation of providing high-quality products and reliable, trustworthy services at a competitive price.

Every team member also brings a high degree of professionalism, which makes them desirable partners for different types of projects. Regardless of the project size or scope, the company remains consistent in their commitment to understanding the client’s needs.

The above reasons are how Greg Clark Building has delivered a diverse range of construction projects for the private and government sectors with exceptional results. So why should you entrust your bathroom renovations Lismore to anyone else? Check out Greg Clark Building’s website to learn more about all of the services they provide.

Are you already running out of space at home? Or do you just want to expand your personal space? Well, you may have chosen your home not realizing that you need extra space, for whatever reasons you have in mind. So, if you find your home a bit too crowded or cramped already, then you could either sell the house and move elsewhere, or have the house extended. Read on to find out if extending your home is the best option available.

The Upsides of Extending Your Home

One of the best reasons for choosing to extend your home versus moving someplace else, according to contractors and house extension northern rivers experts, is that in general extending your home is a more affordable option than selling and moving elsewhere.

Once you choose to stay put and extend your home, you won’t need to spend for legal fees, moving fees, real estate fees and more. And of course, you won’t need to spend a lot of time having to find someplace else to move, and then physically pack and move your stuff!

When you decide to stay put and extend your home, you get to stay in your neighborhood too, which should be an amazing thing especially if you like the area, and you feel at home there too. Yes, the emotional attachment to your home can be the biggest deciding factor when considering moving or not.

Another truly wonderful thing about staying put, according to home builders and experts on house extension ideas, is that you could stay at home even if the extension project is ongoing. This should help you save money and logistics brought forth by finding someplace else to stay while the home extension is ongoing. And best of all, house extensions can actually add more resell value to your home!

The Downsides of Extending Your Home

While there are the obvious perks to extending your home, there are a handful of downsides too, regardless of whether you’re simply extending your main bedroom or living room, or you’re pondering two storey extensions ideas.

For starters, you may not actually have the room to extend as far as you want, or the existing house design and layout limits your options with regard to extensions. Second, home extension projects can be quite stressful too, because while the work is being carried out, if you’re not prepared for all that noise, dust and workers coming in and out, then a home extension may not be the right one for you!

However, to reduce the stress you can actually ask for help from a professional builder or contractor who has the experience in reducing the impact of the home extension project to you and your family. But then again, it would be totally unrealistic to think that home extensions are not going to be completely stress-free!

Lastly, a home extension does not actually guarantee you of an amazing selling price afterward, especially if the resulting outcome is substandard or less than what you expected. But, if the home extension is well done, and it truly enhances your home’s livability, then your house will definitely have an advantage over the other houses in the market!

After some time, renovating your home cannot only create a lot of fun, but it can also help to improve its value. Bound house renovations have a better return of investment than others. You will not fail to renovate an apartment for a high ROI. Besides, the kitchen is the main area that gives a positive impression in your home. A lot of remodeling is needed for all parts of your house. If you want to enhance your home’s look, pay attention to the kitchen because it is one of the most vital rooms at home that requires substantial improvement.

The renovation of the kitchen is a great option. It can also bring a new life into the old system of your kitchen. In reality, improving the house is an advantage of the renovation of the kitchen. If there is plenty of kitchenware, the deposition of grease, oil, and other problems is hard to fix. Therefore, several advantages of kitchen restoration to giving your house a fresh and improved look. Below are the tips for making your kitchen makeover long-lasting.

Choose a natural style. A new aesthetic in the kitchen is emerging. In the top three kitchen design styles, the natural organic style grew into 2021. The design relies on the same clean lines as contemporary and transitional, still-popular, but with a warm look and natural texture. To allow the eye to search easily in the whole room, choose a soft, lightweight neutral palette. Space is opened by a minimum of variation of paint color between trims, walls, and ceilings. The polished or rubbed finishes are recommended as they complete the softness in the overall look. Hence, do not neglect the biophilic accent, such as an indoor herb garden.

Use range hoods. Hidden ventilation is removed from the kitchen, and the hood is a trendy focal point. Even though it must not be adorned to stand out, an accent hood will take a long way beyond the cabinet profile, so it is usually preferred during kitchen renovations. Due to its streamlined look and ease of cleaning, square kitchen hoods with slab materials facing them will be extremely common. The emphasis on the material styles used for range hoods should not be bold. Look for a slab material such as marble, porcelain, or plaster to make a statement. Moreover, seek natural woods and wood tones to produce these striking features in particular.

Increase the storage. Expect an expanded selling of stand-alone freezers and freezer drawers or homemakers to replace a larger accommodating machine with the existing refrigerator freezer. Kitchens will also work harder with larger quotas, such as bread makers, air frying machines, and Instant Pots. The kitchens will also work harder. New homes for small appliances are required because counter space is a scarce asset in most kitchens. Plan to return to specialized cabinet shops, upgraded cabinet options such as larger panels, and a wealth of kitchen organizers to host this modern equipment and dry goods.

Expand the islands. The kitchen island has evolved to support a large number of work and tests. Islands that operate as restaurant tables are also a standard layout change, reflecting a broader trend to include more kitchen seats. A smart trick is putting an antique metal cabinet or counter-height dresser on the side of your island. The drawer can be hidden, and work surfaces can be added. You have to ensure that the drawers are strong enough to bear weight. A table across the island provides a multifaceted workplace, an informal meeting spot, and a dedicated restaurant.


Use warm colors. The favorite color palette of the kitchen is white. However, warmer colors will soon replace the cool tones in recent years. When there are disturbing occurrences, people begin to gravitate to these colors instinctively. These are comfortable colors that make people relaxed and calm. Each with a feeling of familiarity and normality is similar to comfort food given the unfamiliar. It is highly recommended during kitchen renovations because it is never out of date to pair bright colors with greenery, natural tones of oak, golden accents, and woven texture. Besides, the global color designers were drawn to warm colors that elicit feelings of warmth and sympathy.

A significant home refurbishment can be thrilling, has many advantages, and deserves investment. You will not only enhance the efficiency of your house, but you will also increase your pleasure in the living room and increase the worth of your property while you are there. Home upgrades will have anything you want as well as structurally possible. It could involve installing a home theatre, modifying the property’s configuration by eliminating partitions, or just building what you always desired. It would certainly make your home a more comfortable place, as well as an area that is fully capable of living.

The remodeling market begins to transform continually. That is why many homeowners rely on restoration activities that guarantee value and efficiency, including upgrades to external homes. It seems never entirely done when you buy a house. There is often plenty to be restored, removed, or changed to make it as convenient, usable, and up to date as possible. Home renovations trends will inspire your home appeal, whether you are remodeling an old house or building a new one. It is vital to stay knowledgeable and updated on the trends to achieve maximum comfort and meet your expectations. Below are the latest trends for house renovation.

Room makeover. The pandemic begins to show people new ways to optimize the room’s uses that they discover through time. In connection to this, many homeowners have maxed out the design options for the most widely used rooms and are now seeking specialist guidance about what rooms or areas in their homes should take on a new existence. Basement reshaping schemes are a perfect way to build a leisure area, and the last quarter of the year has been in great demand.

Big Windows. The installation of big windows in various areas of a house is one of the modern construction trends which would undoubtedly have been a success in2021. Large windows, in particular glass windows, enable natural light to penetrate the house and make the area more significant than it is. Large windows in various materials and styles are available, and make sure you choose those which fit your home’s theme. These big windows will make your home more fun and exclusive until appropriately built.

Minimalism. It is a mainstream house renovations trend that homeowners have used for years, and this trend does not go away, as it can transform every room. Indeed, more homeowners are predicted to take on minimalism in their homes in the years ahead. In 2021, it is effortless to achieve a minimalist look. You may begin by omitting things in your home that are needless. It requires correct disposal or throws away broken or discarded objects of extra pieces of furniture or equipment. You will need a minimalist style to embrace space, store out-of-sight valuables, and declutter them as much as possible. Minimalism is typically connected to consistency and cleanliness, so you can use your time and resources to maintain your room free if you want this home movement.

Statement piece. It is one of the main components of a modern interior design, as it distinguishes your home from all the other houses in your area. This piece can be an essential focal point in every space of your home, whether antique or contemporary, and helps you draw home buyers and other buyers. When you choose a statement item, make sure it sticks out in the space you want to put it. You can have wall art with bold prints and colors if you need to add a statement piece to your tan-colored bedroom. The use of a declaration piece would give your home a greater sense of life and color.

Environmentally-sound. Green and eco-friendly living is another trend in home design that leads to 2021. Many businesses now focus on building greenhouses with energy-efficient fencing, roofs, and appliances to reduce energy prices by up to 50% or more. In order to make your house more appealing, far from being on a bandwagon, opting to follow an environmentally friendly style makes it easier for you. So look at the entrepreneurs who sell sustainable home appliances, furniture, and designs to save money and be an eco-savvy person.

Home renovationscould prove to be challenging for some, especially when you are not prepared. It doesn’t matter if you decide to DIY or hire professionals, it is important for you to research and know what you want. A little preparation, being focused, and ready to invest efforts are good pay-offs for the future.

Here are some essential tips when you are planning to renovate your home:

1. Purpose

List down the basic purpose of the renovation; is it aesthetics or is it to install a new oven range? Or create a bigger sitting area? Stay focused on your purpose to manage timelines and budgets.

2. Budget

Stick to your budget; when you walk in to a store, surely you like those fancy lights, the beautifully gold-adorned mantelpiece, but is that a desire or a basic need? Is it within your budget? Build-in 20% to 25% extra to manage any unforeseen pipes that need replacement which you hadn’t anticipated.

3. Function and flow

Renovations should focus on functionality and flow rather than aesthetics only. Attractive chandeliers catch your attention, but consider itif only you are going to use them often.Alternatively, is a dimmer lighting system that helps set the mood with the brightness in the living area a better bet?

4. Plan for future

A child’s room next to the master bedroom is a must on some people’s needs. However, in the next 7 to 10 years, probably the kids (and you) would wish that the rooms were far apart.

5. Fixed or Movable

Often, one looks at fixed equipment like a sink in the center of the kitchen with a preparatory table. If you wish to change the plan removing the sink, it is going to be damage to your pocket.

6. Measuring

Measure spaces carefully accommodating any space taken-up by the thickness of wallpaper, wiring, or anything else which may be needed to be run-in along the walls or floors.

7. Wide doorways

Plan for wide doorways to accommodate a wheelchair or a cooking range or a new bathtub to move in or out freely.

8. Economizing or investing wisely

For things that are the main structure and are immovable or are under floorboards, do not look for cheap items. It is wiser to invest in quality rather than redo things in a few months again.

9. Safety first

Before you begin, invest in safety equipment. Have emergency numbers and a first-aid kit handy. Do not compromise on attractive designs for safety; a friend did not want to install carpet runners as it would spoil the looks of the wood.

10. Research

Always spend time looking around, researching, to see what others have done around in the vicinity, looking at magazines, talking to professionals. They could just help you create spaces that were otherwise a waste.


House renovations can be an easy task if you have prioritised your needs. Not every requirement will fit into this renovation. Plan for now, but also remember that your requirements will change in a few years. Many things can be replaced easily like furniture, aesthetics, and upholstery. Others are difficult and expensive; for example, wiring, the position of doors and windows, water pipes, and heating. Do your research on floor plans to ensure everything fits in and no pieces are left out. After all,it’syour home, home sweet home.