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Is Extending Your Home the Best Option?

Are you already running out of space at home? Or do you just want to expand your personal space? Well, you may have chosen your home not realizing that you need extra space, for whatever reasons you have in mind. So, if you find your home a bit too crowded or cramped already, then you […]

How to create a lasting kitchen renovation

After some time, renovating your home cannot only create a lot of fun, but it can also help to improve its value. Bound house renovations have a better return of investment than others. You will not fail to renovate an apartment for a high ROI. Besides, the kitchen is the main area that gives a positive impression […]

2021 home renovation trends

A significant home refurbishment can be thrilling, has many advantages, and deserves investment. You will not only enhance the efficiency of your house, but you will also increase your pleasure in the living room and increase the worth of your property while you are there. Home upgrades will have anything you want as well as […]

10 Top Tips When Renovating Your Home!

Home renovationscould prove to be challenging for some, especially when you are not prepared. It doesn’t matter if you decide to DIY or hire professionals, it is important for you to research and know what you want. A little preparation, being focused, and ready to invest efforts are good pay-offs for the future. Here are […]

To Build New or Extend?

Are you planning to revamp your old house? Do you have an urge to update your old home well acquainted with the current trends? If you are someone who has the same views, do you wish to opt forhome extensions, or are you thinking about building a new one? Deciding between the two can be […]

One storey vs two storey – How to know what’s right for you?

Constructing a dream house is not as easy a task as it sounds. It requires a lot of effort along with other items. But since we all want our house to be beautiful and unique, single storey or two storey is the question that pops in our head the first. Well, here we will clear […]

Why We Take Health & Safety So Seriously at Greg Clark Building

Health and safety is one of the most important considerations for any construction project. Whether we are undertaking a simple home renovations project or a complex second storey addition, health and safety are key considerations at Greg Clark Building.  In fact, our integrated Management system provides for the Work Health and Safety Act of 2011. […]

5 Sustainable Building Materials that Save You Money

The construction, operation and maintenance of buildings accounts for almost a quarter of greenhouse gas emissions in Australia. Additionally, Australia’s population growth will reach 31 million in 2030. And, as Australia’s population keeps growing, the demand for affordable housing continues to rise. For instance, Melbourne alone is expected to need an additional 720,000 homes by […]