Why We Take Health & Safety So Seriously at Greg Clark Building

Health and safety is one of the most important considerations for any construction project. Whether we are undertaking a simple home renovations project or a complex second storey addition, health and safety are key considerations at Greg Clark Building.  In fact, our integrated Management system provides for the Work Health and Safety Act of 2011.

As a professional construction company, there are several reasons why we take health & safety so seriously. In this post, we look at various reasons why health and safety remains such a crucial aspect in this industry and in our company.

Prevent Workplace Injuries at Construction Sites

Up to 12,600 construction workers in Australia file compensation claims annually. These claims relate to injuries and diseases resulting in one or more weeks off work.  Safe Work Australia reports that in 2020, 28 construction workers died due to injuries sustained while at work.

At Greg Clark Building our focus is to ensure zero work related injuries occur. We understand that in a dynamic environment, construction sites often require employees to work at a height, handle heavy loads, operate large machinery and work with rough materials. Therefore, we train the workforce on different strategies to minimize workplace risks significantly.

Protecting The General Public

Health and safety is not only about our workers, but about the general public and our clients too. Many of our job sites are located in built up areas, and sometimes right in the middle of the city, so we focus on having the processes in place to protect third parties.

Failing to implement legal health and safety structures amounts to breach of the Work, Health and Safety ACT of 2011. At Greg Clark Building we work together as a team to ensure we are always following all of the legal requirements. Whether we are working on small house renovation, complex two storey extensions or medium mixed use projects the relevant health and safety measures have to be in place.

In this article we went through why it is that we take health and safety measures so seriously and how we do so as a team. We have an incredible reputation and we intend on maintaining our reputation, which is why we hold these structures so highly.

If you are planning a new house renovation project, or looking to build a fresh brand new home, or even more complex projects  chat with our team today about our options.