10 Top Tips When Renovating Your Home!

Home renovationscould prove to be challenging for some, especially when you are not prepared. It doesn’t matter if you decide to DIY or hire professionals, it is important for you to research and know what you want. A little preparation, being focused, and ready to invest efforts are good pay-offs for the future.

Here are some essential tips when you are planning to renovate your home:

1. Purpose

List down the basic purpose of the renovation; is it aesthetics or is it to install a new oven range? Or create a bigger sitting area? Stay focused on your purpose to manage timelines and budgets.

2. Budget

Stick to your budget; when you walk in to a store, surely you like those fancy lights, the beautifully gold-adorned mantelpiece, but is that a desire or a basic need? Is it within your budget? Build-in 20% to 25% extra to manage any unforeseen pipes that need replacement which you hadn’t anticipated.

3. Function and flow

Renovations should focus on functionality and flow rather than aesthetics only. Attractive chandeliers catch your attention, but consider itif only you are going to use them often.Alternatively, is a dimmer lighting system that helps set the mood with the brightness in the living area a better bet?

4. Plan for future

A child’s room next to the master bedroom is a must on some people’s needs. However, in the next 7 to 10 years, probably the kids (and you) would wish that the rooms were far apart.

5. Fixed or Movable

Often, one looks at fixed equipment like a sink in the center of the kitchen with a preparatory table. If you wish to change the plan removing the sink, it is going to be damage to your pocket.

6. Measuring

Measure spaces carefully accommodating any space taken-up by the thickness of wallpaper, wiring, or anything else which may be needed to be run-in along the walls or floors.

7. Wide doorways

Plan for wide doorways to accommodate a wheelchair or a cooking range or a new bathtub to move in or out freely.

8. Economizing or investing wisely

For things that are the main structure and are immovable or are under floorboards, do not look for cheap items. It is wiser to invest in quality rather than redo things in a few months again.

9. Safety first

Before you begin, invest in safety equipment. Have emergency numbers and a first-aid kit handy. Do not compromise on attractive designs for safety; a friend did not want to install carpet runners as it would spoil the looks of the wood.

10. Research

Always spend time looking around, researching, to see what others have done around in the vicinity, looking at magazines, talking to professionals. They could just help you create spaces that were otherwise a waste.


House renovations can be an easy task if you have prioritised your needs. Not every requirement will fit into this renovation. Plan for now, but also remember that your requirements will change in a few years. Many things can be replaced easily like furniture, aesthetics, and upholstery. Others are difficult and expensive; for example, wiring, the position of doors and windows, water pipes, and heating. Do your research on floor plans to ensure everything fits in and no pieces are left out. After all,it’syour home, home sweet home.