To Build New or Extend?

Are you planning to revamp your old house? Do you have an urge to update your old home well acquainted with the current trends? If you are someone who has the same views, do you wish to opt forhome extensions, or are you thinking about building a new one? Deciding between the two can be quite a tricky task as both have their own upsides and downsides.

So, here in this post, we have penned down a few parameters that you should consider while planning for a renovation or home extension:

Liking towards the existing house

If you have a liking for your existing house, then demolishing it on the whole and building it all over again may not go well with your sentiments. In such a case, extending the same is a better option rather than turning it down fully in order to stay connected with the house that has some sentiments associated with it.


You may wish to knock down the previously existing 2 storey house designs to build a new paradise, but one of the most important factors to consider in such a case is permission from the authorities. You need to seek permission from the respective authorities in order to gain a green signal. The same is the case when you talk about extensions; you need to seek approval for the same to find out if you are allowed to make the extensions to your home or not.

Looks and feel of the house

If your existing house does not make you feel good and you always find yourself cribbing about its aesthetics and appeal, then turning it down and building a new one as per your budget is a better idea. On the contrary, if you love the feel of your house, then it is better to extend it rather than demolishing it. So find out if there are any areas that can remain as it is or if there are places that can be updated with a few changes here and there.Once you trace out such places, you can move ahead for carving out building extensions here and there to get a home breathing fresh and new.


Budget is another constraint that needs to be considered while deciding between building a new home or extending your existing home. If your budget permits and you are well off with your expenses, you can consider opting for a new build-up for your house, designing it in the way you want. But, if you have a strict budget and cannot afford to spend in the extreme for the construction of a new house, then you can consider extending and renovating it to make it adhere to your requisite frame.


So if you are someone who is planning to breathe in some new life to your existing house, consider paying heed to the above-mentioned parameters to decide between rebuilding or home renovations. Figuring out these parameters in detail can help you in making a wise and informed decision about adding new vibes and charm to your old mansion. So what are you waiting for? Call in for the professionals and get started with your home beautifying task.